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Batteries and Cases

We offer a wide array of e-cig batteries Make sure to never run out of power. From the beginner Aspire batteries to the advanced 18650 batteries. A good battery will provide you with hours and hours worth of power, allowing you to vape away all day. Whether you're using the Aspirre style or IMR batteries, having top quality batteries will give more power to your e-cig providing you with a better taste, more vapour and longer usage.

Our affordable ecig batteries means you can afford to do it without spending a fortune. We have done all the hard work and only stock the highest quality most suitable 18650s for your device.  Keep one battery charging and vape with the other so that you never have to have a break between vapes. 

All our batteries are 100% genuine, tested and certified by our supplier. Please take care when using any battery, read our safety info to ensure you keep your batteries safe.

To help with this we have also added a range of battery travel cases so you can transport your battery safely.

Please consult the instructions on your device to find which batteries are suitable, as incorrect use can potentially damage your device.


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