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Vape Kits / Ecig Kits

We at The Gourmet E Liquid collective have been supplying products to our Patrons and new vapers for the past 3 years, within this time the technology of vaping and E-Cigarettes have changed dramatically, from our initial starter kits which were ground breaking from ASPIRE with their market first sub ohm Atlantis tank to the More superior Kits of today from SMOK and Kanger.

We always change the Vaping Kits section to include the best kits for the starter to those who are happy with the traditional vaping experience, if you feel the need for some thing more from your vaping experience or are ready for a more advanced set up we have our MOD section and RTA RBA RDA section for you to peruse.

As we pride our selves on impartial vaping advice for those wanting quality we refuse to stock cheap imitation or substandard vaping equipment which will hinder the quality of our fine liquids and may put you off vaping and back to your cigarettes.

Our aim is to provide the best quality E liquid which is world class and will provide enjoyment and stop you smoking.

Hence we saw a responsibility to stock hardware to compliment this and save you our esteemed client the expense and disappointment we initially faced trialling substandard alternatives. Although we predominantly are a gourmet E liquid supplier of the finest e juice available world wide From the UK USA MALAYSIA and beyond we appreciate quality hardware and want you to enjoy your vaping experience with the same.