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Pre Built Coils for RDAs/RDTAs/RBAs

Building Coils for use in your Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser or RDTA is a skill which can take some time to acquire and to build more exotic coils such as Alien coils , Staple staggered coils or even a Clapton coil requires patience and the use of drills and jiggs and a whole plethora of tools.

Some people relish building such coils and have the time and patience for such a task, but we realise that some vapers (some of our team included) love the flavour generated by such builds but do not have the time or equipment to do this themselves.

With this in mind we have taken all the difficulty out of this and have a selection of pre made coils which all you would need to do is fit into your Atomiser using all the necessarily precautions and OHM testing. And vape away.

All you need to do is pick your favourite coils and add cotton! Please do bear in mind that when you install a pair of coils in a dripper or tank, the resistance will be halved so please make sure that your device is compatible!