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Nicotine Additive Ready E Liquid (Zero Nic)

We are now in TPD territory and we at The Gourmet E Liquid Collective - being the avid vapers that we are - have taken measures to test all the nicotine additives/shots available on the market for quality of nicotine, mix-ability and taste once mixed.

From our testing, we have selected the best with highest quality ingredients which mix seamlessly with our extensive range of nicotine additive ready e-liquids / zero mg big bottles.

Nicotine Additive ready E liquids are all ready to have the addition of the nicotine additive and have higher levels of flavour and lower levels of PG and VG so once the Nicotine additive is added and agitated it is a perfect mixture of flavour and nicotine just as was intended.

It is not advised to vape nicotine ready eliquids without the addition of the Nicotine shot.

Zero MG big bottles can have nicotine added via the nicotine additive giving you a nicotine laced liquid in high volumes or can be used without to enjoy a nicotine free vape.


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