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The Gourmet E-liquid Collective is a collection of the finest gourmet e-liquids and Luxury vapes available on the market in one place. It was conceived from a need to obtain all the most desirable liquids, by a collective of like-minded vape connoisseurs. Our quest is for the unadulterated extravagance and taste. To find the liquid which would quell our desires and leave us satisfied. We are aware that the e-liquid market is dynamic and as connoisseurs of fine liquid, we welcome suggestions of the liquids we should stock or source, no matter where it originates, (of course, we would enjoy vaping it ourselves too!) So please join us on our journey.
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The Gourmet E liquid Collective.


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Nicotine Additives, Nicotine Additive Ready E Liquid And 0 mg Big Bottles

We are now in TPD territory and we at The Gourmet E Liquid Collective - being the avid vapers that we are - have taken measures to test all the nicotine additives/shots available on the market for quality of nicotine, mixability and taste once mixed. From our testing, we have selected the best with highest quality ingredients which mix seamlessly with our extensive range of nicotine additive ready e-liquids / zero mg big bottles.

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Luxury Mods & Hardware

We all like nice things and sometimes we would like to extend our love of extravagance and handmade workmanship to our beloved mods and hardware. With this in mind, we at The Gourmet E Liquid Collective carry a range of exclusive limited number Mods and hardware which are handmade or made of expensive materials and not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. We could even call them pieces of ART.

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E Liquid Flavour finder

We have now added a flavour finder section where you click the type of flavour you are searching for and it pulls up all the E Liquids which have that flavour profile - saving you time and making your shopping experience easier. (Sometimes we all just want to get away from the marketing and flashy labels and just wish to know what the liquid taste like). Rest assured though our selection of liquids have already been tested so they are the best of their respective flavour profiles to make it on to our site, if you believe we have missed something which should be here send us an email and we shall test it and stock it for our customers.

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